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Days of Christmas | 'Tis the spending season

  • The season of gift giving is upon us. The UK plans to spend a total of £27.6 billion on Christmas gifts in 2023, up 37% from £20.1 billion in 2022.

  • Unwrapping the data, that's just over one quarter (27%) of the total amount spent on property so far this year. Close to £104 billion has been spent on property transactions this year to date.

  • 45.8 million adults in the UK (86%) plan to buy Christmas gifts in 2023, a decrease from 89% of adults in 2022.

  • Gen Z is planning to fork out the most, with an average spend of £828 each. Source: #Dataloft, UK HPI (data to September 2023) based on the average transaction values, Finder

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