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Sully, Penarth, Vale Of Glamorgan, CF64, Wales

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Sully, located within Penarth's CF64 postal code area in the Vale of Glamorgan, South Wales, is a coastal village and community known for its picturesque setting, rich history, and relaxed charm.

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Early History


Evidence suggests that the area around Sully has been inhabited since prehistoric times. Sully Island has revealed archaeological finds such as Bronze Age tools and Roman artefacts. The presence of a Norman-built Sully Castle in the area is a testament to its strategic importance during medieval times.




Sully Bay: One of the critical attractions of Sully is its beach, Sully Bay. The coastline provides a beautiful spot for beach walks, picnics, or just sitting and watching the waves crash. The scenic views of the Bristol Channel and the distant Somerset coast make it a popular spot for both residents and tourists.


Swanbridge Beach: Adjacent to Sully Bay, this smaller bay is defined by its famous Sully Island, which can be reached on foot during low tide. However, caution is required due to quickly changing tides.


Things to Do


Sully Island: This tidal island, rich in wildlife, offers excellent exploration opportunities. It has a history of piracy and smuggling. However, always check the tide times before crossing.


Walking: The Wales Coast Path runs through Sully, offering stunning views and routes for keen walkers.


Sports: Sully Sports Club provides facilities for cricket, football, and tennis, fostering local talent and promoting healthy community interaction.


Local Area


Shops and Pubs: Sully has a range of local amenities, from convenience stores to the charming local pub, The Captain's Wife, which has its own stories of smuggling.


Nature: Beyond the beaches, there are green spaces and wildlife havens. The local ponds are of particular interest to birdwatchers and nature enthusiasts.




The community is well-served by primary education institutions. Sully 

Primary School is one such institution that caters to the area's young minds. For secondary education, many students go to schools in nearby towns and cities, with Penarth and Barry offering a selection of secondary and comprehensive schools.


Sully, with its mix of natural beauty, rich history, and strong community spirit, is a hidden gem in the Vale of Glamorgan. Whether you're a history buff, nature lover, or looking for a peaceful coastal respite, Sully has something to offer.


Living in Sully, Penarth CF64


Living in Sully, a coastal village in the Vale of Glamorgan, South Wales, offers a blend of natural beauty, rich history, and a close-knit community. As with any location, there are both benefits and considerations when it comes to residing in Sully. Let's delve into what life might be like for those who call Sully home.


The serenity of coastal village life with the convenience of nearby urban centres. For those who value natural beauty, a sense of history, and community spirit, Sully could be an ideal place to call home. However, potential residents should consider priorities, such as the need for extensive local amenities or public transport options, before deciding.

RE/MAX Estate Agents


RE/MAX Estate Agents in Sully have long established themselves as trusted allies for those looking to move homes in the area. This bustling suburb has seen an influx of families, professionals, and retirees alike, all drawn to its charm and potential. When navigating the complexities of property transactions, the expertise of RE/MAX agents becomes invaluable.


These professionals have an intricate knowledge of the local market dynamics and bring an international network and brand reputation synonymous with reliability and excellence. The agents' dedication goes beyond just transactional engagements. They genuinely care about the dreams and aspirations of every client, ensuring that the experience of buying or selling a home is as smooth and stress-free as possible.


Their comprehensive services are tailored to each client's unique needs from the initial property valuation to the final closing. The RE/MAX agents also have a knack for understanding the emotional aspect of moving homes. They realize that behind every property transaction lies a story - perhaps of a growing family needing more space, a professional looking for a strategic location, or retirees seeking a tranquil retreat. Recognizing these stories and aspirations, RE/MAX Estate Agents in Sully go the extra mile, ensuring that every home move meets and often exceeds clients' expectations. In a rapidly changing property landscape, their consistent delivery of top-notch service has made them the go-to choice for many in the Sully community.

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