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Career With RE/MAX

A career an RE/MAX Estate Agents offers a dynamic and rewarding opportunity in the real estate industry. As a trusted and globally recognized brand, RE/MAX provides its agents with a strong foundation and extensive support to excel in their careers. 

Working with RE/MAX, agents have access to a vast network of experienced professionals and cutting-edge tools, enabling them to provide exceptional service to clients. 

Joining RE/MAX Estate Agents means becoming part of a prestigious and influential team dedicated to providing outstanding real estate services and building long-lasting relationships with clients.

Career Path

There are many career paths in RE/MAX, so what is your goal?

Business Vlogger

Business Associate

As a business associate, you will be in charge of your postcode in your local area.


Growing a business under your name and developing a team.


Rookie Associate

Working from the bottom up, you will grow your business while learning how to run a company within your area.

With training support and other business associates helping you to succeed.

A woman in a coat walking

Sales & Lettings Negotiator

The frontline of the force, committed to exceptional customer service, you maintain a high standard of professionalism as a Sales & Lettings Negotiator.


Send a CV and a cover letter to the email below.

"Your story starts here, your ending is limitless"

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