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Fee Table

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Tenant Find 

- 70% +VAT of the first month's rent 


Rent Collection  

- 50% +VAT Tenant Find then 8% +VAT per month of monthly rent

- Year 3 will drop down to 6% +VAT


Full management 

- 50% +VAT Tenant Find then 10% + VAT per month of monthly rent

- Year 3 will drop down to 8% + VAT

Rent Guarantee Applies to Rent Collection & Full Management

If you would like to understand more, please get in touch with us.

The minimum Base Fee for all services is

- £300 + VAT


- Minimum Fee £300 + VAT Per Room Set up fees

- Rent Collection - 12% +VAT

- Fully Management - 15% +VAT

We do not charge on top of maintenance, so there are no hidden costs.

Block Management / Property management

- Please get in touch at

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Tenant Find

Tenant Find service with RE/MAX lettings provides a qualified tenant with in-depth vetting & referencing checks.​

Guidance on the new legislation regarding ECIR & Gas Safety and EPC with recommend professionals on standby. Personal compliance officer to assist with Inventory, HHSRS Report, smoke alarms, and testing.

Set up includes photography, advertising on Rightmove, Zoopla, On the Market, Primelocation and professionally written descriptions and accompanied viewings.

Holding deposit at referencing stage with deposit options for the tenant for extra protection for the landlord. RE/MAX Can hold the deposit in our DPS account or transfer it to your chosen account.

Occupation Contracts are set up with a standing order to the landlord account fixed for 12 months and compliantly updated with Rent Smart Wales Guidelines. The compliance package was sent to the tenant with a new guide and certificates ready for the term.

Rent Collection

Rent Collection with RE/MAX lettings provides the same as tenant-find with the collection of payments with more benefits.

We set up all the tenants' payments to ensure the tenant feels secure paying the rent. You have monthly pro formulas for the accounts, and we do a year-on-year summary of profits and health checks to keep up to market value rent when renewing with a free sales report.

If you take landlord insurance out, we help you with the claiming process if you should ever need it. You will continuously be updated with the latest legislation in Wales.

I recommend this to all my landlords. If you are local and have tradespeople, this is the perfect balance as you never get disputes over paying for the work, as estate agents add charges on top of work for profits. You are in complete control, and we can ensure the tenant is happy and secure in their home and make the landlord look professional.

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Fully Management / Property Management 

Property Management service is the same as the tenant find and rent collection with a hands-off service.

If you want the full management service, this is a passive income. As we take control of the property/portfolio, you will continuously be updated with anything that happens within the property and any new legislation in Wales.

Before any maintenance is carried out, you will always be asked before confirming a price, and happy to set up with your tradespeople if needed for pricing and trust. We have a recommended panel of trusted tradespeople that we use daily.


We DO NOT make profits on top of jobs to ensure complete professionalism and trust as a business while growing our relationship.

The main issues usually are plumbing and electricity. We recommend you take an emergency cover such as homeserve or britsh gas Landlord cover to protect your tenant and investment.

Personal service with the local lettings agent and qualified with rent smart wales to provide you with a healthy income stream on your investment.


Portfolio Management Growth

If you want to grow your portfolio or increase your current profit margins, we offer an all-in-one service to ensure you get the best out of your investment.

We offer a free health check of the portfolio and asses where margins can be increased. Making sure it follows the new Welsh regulation guidelines. Working closely with the mortgage broker ensures you have the best rates to gain the best ROI.

If you own the investments outright with no buy-to-let mortgage and gain a 6-7% yield, we can show you how to turn that asset into a potentially 21-24% yield.

Personal service with lifetime business relationships. Having an estate agent and mortgage broker to call on at any time for free advice.

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Rent Guarantee

Protect your assets with rent guarantee service


Ensures Consistent Income

Rent guarantee provides landlords with a steady income stream, regardless of whether the tenant pays on time or at all. This financial stability is crucial for covering mortgage payments, maintenance costs, and other property-related expenses, reducing the risk of financial strain.


Simplifies Property Management

Rent guarantee services often include tenant screening and vetting processes, ensuring that only reliable tenants are selected. This reduces the likelihood of rental defaults and simplifies property management, saving landlords time and effort in dealing with potential issues.


Minimizes Financial Risk

A rent guarantee safeguards against tenant default or other unforeseen financial disruptions by mitigating the risk of rental income loss. This protection helps landlords maintain financial health and avoid the stress and complications of dealing with non-paying tenants.


Legal and Professional Support

Many rent guarantee programs offer legal assistance and professional support in the event of disputes or tenant eviction proceedings. This support ensures landlords cannot navigate complex legal situations alone, providing an added layer of security and expertise.

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RE/MAX Estate Agents Barry

23 Park Crescent, Barry, CF62 6HD


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" Conrad was outstanding for us in advising us in the sale of our house and the after care we also got after the sale was spot on and couldn't ask for more.
we would Highley recommend Conrad if you have a property to sell or buy ."

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Why Choose RE/MAX Estate Agents
As Your Letting Agent

Logo of RE/MAX Estate Agents Barry

Opting for RE/MAX Letting Agents as your letting agent is a strategic decision supported by a comprehensive suite of services, making us the ideal partner for landlords in search of excellence in property management. As a distinguished estate agent in Barry, Wales, our dedication to delivering top-notch solutions extends to tenant find, rent collection, and beyond.

Our tenant-find service is crafted to streamline the process of securing reliable occupants for your property. Leveraging our extensive network and local market expertise, we ensure that your property is matched with suitable tenants, minimizing vacancies and maximizing returns. RE/MAX Letting Agents excels not only as a lettings agent but also as a dedicated estate agent, offering a range of services that cater to the diverse needs of property owners.

RE/MAX Letting Agents stands out in property management for its meticulous and client-focused approach. We handle all facets of property management, from routine maintenance to addressing tenant concerns, allowing you to enjoy a hands-free and stress-free experience as a landlord. Our rent collection services are equally robust, ensuring timely and efficient processing to optimize your rental income.

Our unwavering commitment to personalized service distinguishes RE/MAX Letting Agents. Recognizing that each property is unique, our approach reflects this understanding. As your letting agent, we prioritize clear communication, transparent processes, and a proactive stance to address any challenges that may arise during the tenancy.

Choosing RE/MAX Letting Agents means selecting letting agents transcending the transaction and offering a partnership in your property investment journey. Our team's local expertise, coupled with our global network, positions us as a leader in the real estate industry. Trust RE/MAX Letting Agents for a comprehensive letting agent experience encompassing tenant find rent collection, property management, and the assurance of working with a trusted estate agent in Barry.

Logo of RE/MAX Estate Agents Barry
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