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Second home hotspots

  • Cornwall has been ranked as the top hotspot in the UK for second homes, with 9,425 currently located there. Kensington and Chelsea came second with 5,355, and Westminster third with 4,390.

  • Kensington and Chelsea tops the charts for the highest total value of second homes at £6bn, followed by Westminster (£4.2bn) and Cornwall (£3.1bn).

  • Despite flats making up 42% of all second homes, detached houses hold the greatest market value, with £15.9bn.

  • Only 24% of second homes are used solely for that purpose, with the vast majority (69%) rented out. Second home ownership is a contentious subject in some areas, but supporters point out the contribution visitors make to these local economies. Source: #Dataloft, English Housing Survey, data for 2021–2022, GetAgent, ONS, UK HPI

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