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Rocketing up: new-build developments

  • Against a backdrop of housing undersupply, some areas are rocketing up in their new building development.

  • Newham, undergoing regeneration, leads the rankings with 2,080 dwellings started in 2022–2023 and 1,490 completed in the same time frame.

  • Cornwall and Wiltshire were next, with a dazzling 2,040 new homes started each, blazing well above the England and Wales average of 530 per district.

  • Roughly 14 million people attend organised firework displays annually, and 7% host their own private display. Bonfire night is a chance to watch the spectacular light shows and bring communities together. Source: #Dataloft, GOV.UK, GOV.WALES (data to September 2023), British Pyrotechnics Association

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