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How listed buildings affect house prices

  • Listed buildings are structures of architectural or historic interest and are protected to maintain the heritage value of an area. We have over 409,000 listed buildings across Great Britain.

  • As well as preserving history, listed buildings contribute to the beauty of an area creating appealing 'chocolate box' street scenes. Research by Dataloft shows that the number of listed buildings in a town correlate strongly with house prices.

  • Places with the highest proportion of listed buildings per person have average prices 13% higher than the local authority average with the premium gradually reducing as the number of listed buildings per person drops.

  • Southwold on the Suffolk coast is a good example where there is on average 15 listed buildings per 100 people and prices are 121% above the East Suffolk average. Source: Dataloft, Land Registry (2023, £psqft prices), Historic England, CADW

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