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Garden rooms can add 5%

  • Spring is around the corner with seven-spot ladybirds, daffodils and snowdrops emerging across the country. Naturally our attention is turning to gardening and planning what to do with our outdoor space.

  • Research by The Motley Fool found that adding a quality garden room is the best way to add value to a property, by an average of 5%. Most garden rooms can be built with full insulation, double glazing, electrical and internet connections for all year round use, and all without the need for planning permission.

  • Recent Land Registry data shows the average price paid for a house in the UK is £312,415 and adding a garden room could potentially boost this by up to £15,600. With installations often costing around £10,000, it provides a fast return on investment and instantly makes the property more desirable.

  • With the median garden size across Great Britain of 188 square metres, a large garden room of only 16 square metres would add a valuable new room to your property whilst leaving plenty of space for an enjoyable garden. Source: #Dataloft, The Motley Fool, Land Registry Nov 2023 to Jan 2024, ONS

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