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EPC essentials: Watt you need to know

  • The regulation to require all newly rented properties to have an EPC rating of at least C by 2025 has been scrapped.

  • However, four out of every five landlords have already taken steps to ensure compliance, and nearly half of them have invested between £500 and £20,000 on improving or investing in their property over the last year.

  • Policy may have shifted but the investment will have not been in vain. Landlords with modern, energy efficient properties will attract renters and be prepared for any future legislative change.

  • Over three quarters of renters surveyed said that EPC rating was important. Additionally, over two thirds of buyers are also interested in EPC ratings, important for when the time comes to sell. Source: Dataloft Inform Poll of Subscribers (August), Shawbrook Bank August 2023, Dataloft Property Academy Survey 2022

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