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1 million new homes on brownfield land

  • This week the Housing Secretary revealed plans to push for more homes to be build on 'brownfield land' (land that has been previously developed on). The plan will require all local authorities to prioritise development on brownfield land.

  • Analysis of brownfield land by Dataloft shows that this could mean that housing development could be prioritised on over 26,000 sites totalling 34,375 hectares of land across England*. With an average density of 31 properties per hectare, this would equate to just over 1 million new homes if all sites were developed.

  • South Cambridgeshire and Peterborough have the most brownfield land by far and together could supply over 160,000 new homes. Reviewing the data regionally, East of England ranks highest with 8,176 ha of brownfield land (250,000 new homes) and the North East ranks lowest with only 1,434 ha of brownfield land (44,000 new homes).

  • The Housing Secretary's announcement also included a consultation on removing planning permission requirements for more types of property extensions. Source: #Dataloft, DLUHC *Brownfield Register for Wales not available

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